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Our Vision:

To promote the sustainable development of organisations and societies and empower individuals to enable development. We use our recognised ESG leadership position to ignite and sustain positive change.

Our Mission Statement:

  • Engendering trust by delivering consistent results to the highest standards.
  • Adding value to our client’s sustainability development using our multi-disciplined background in social responsibility, management, technology, engineering, sciences, marketing and training.
  • Developing organisational resilience by critically bundling relevant ESG matters.

Our values are:

  • Integrity: Having the courage and accountability to doing the right thing when it matters.
  • Relentlessly pursuing the Art of the Possible: Inventing breakthrough solutions with creative collaboration.
  • Exceptional Service: We listen and counsel through a risk-based approach.

Dr Glenn Frommer is the Managing Partner for ESG Matters Ltd in Hong Kong. He advises governments, non-governmental organizations and C-suites of multi-national clients on environmental, sustainability and governance issues.

Career Overview

Glenn’s background as a NASA-experienced rocket scientist has given him a unique insight into systems, feedback loops and their many manifestations. He has applied his perceptiveness throughout his career to the challenges of creating sustainable practices within organizations. In the 22 years he worked with Hong Kong’s Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Corporation, Glenn set the ‘Gold Standard’ for corporate sustainability reporting. MTR under his watch pioneered the integrated governance, risk and stakeholder management that are today the acknowledged building blocks for sustainable development.

He is recognized internationally as an early advocate in sustainability, related initiatives and their management and reporting in Hong Kong, China and the public transport sector internationally. He was a driving force behind the materiality approach in the GRI G4 Guideline, has assisted the Hang Seng Index in its ESG reporting initiative, and provided guidance with the AA1000AS Accountability Standard. Glenn prepared the due diligence including sustainability through the merger of the MTR and the KCRC in Hong Kong. Glenn has also led Hong Kong to consider climate change adaptation initiatives through the Hong Kong Climate Change Business Forum and the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.

Glenn has planned, managed and executed a total of 28 Environmental Impact Assessments for major infrastructure projects including a number of Hazard of Operations and Qualitative Risk Assessments. Total railway projects involved was more than US$10 billion and he has led cross-corporate team of more than 50 sustainability, environmental, and CSR specialists through directed work planning. All railway projects were delivered on time and within budget meeting or exceeding the environmental requirements.

Glenn has been a strong promoter in implementing ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems certification leading projects to reduce energy, noise, water and waste resulting in significant financial savings and a safer working environment.

These activities demonstrate the ‘Art of the Possible’ brining significant environmental improvement well within time and budget constraints.

Glenn graduated from Stanford University with a PhD in Aerospace Sciences and was a Fulbright Fellow at Odense University (now South Denmark University) where he worked on a new type of cochlear implants.

Advisory Committees and Professional Organizations

Glenn has and is currently a member of a number of advisory committees and professional organizations. He is listed in Who’s Who in Science and Engineering.

  • Chair UITP Sustainable Development Commission 2005 – 2009, now Honorary Chair.
  • Chair Advisory Committee, School of Energy and the Environment at City University 2012 –2013.
  • Member HKQAA ISO 14001 Certification Committee 2007 – present.
  • Advisor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hong Kong Polytechnic University 2000 – 2010
  • Member of the Hong Kong Sustainable Development Forum 1999 – present
  • Member Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce Environmental and Sustainability Sub-committee, Chair 2010 – 2013.
  • Chair Environmental Committee, Danish Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong 2008 – present
  • Represented UITP and MTRC Ltd at the UNFCCC COP 15 meeting, December 2009
  • Fellow of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration 1997 – present
  • Former Chairman and Founding Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Environmental Impact Assessment 1996 – present.
  • Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Acoustics 1995 – present.
  • Founding Member of the Hong Kong Environmental Law Association 1996 – 2001.
  • Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Engineers 1994 – present.
  • Member of the Institute of Acoustics (UK) 1993 – present
  • Member of the Acoustical Society of America 1973 – present
  • Awarded Institute of Noise Control Engineering Award for Excellence in Noise Control Engineering in 1999.
  • Awarded Green Manager of the Year, 1998 by Friends of the Earth.
  • Oticon Grant, Nobel Institute Sweden 1982
  • Fulbright Fellow, Odense University 1977 – 1978
  • Published 55 scientific papers.
  • Has one patent on a fire-rated ceiling for ships.
  • Fluent in English and Danish. Basic knowledge of Swedish, Norwegian, French, and German

Promoting Sustainable Development of Organizations and Individuals

Past Performance

Agency MTR Corporation Ltd.
Contract Develop environmental and sustainability management systems for Scotrail
An ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System is to be implemented through initiatives and competency development evolving into a Sustainability Management System. A platform of senior management compensation is proposed to ensure achievement of the approved initiatives according to BSi 8900.

Agency Matchpoint Investment Management
Contract Environmental due diligence - Lynas Corporation Ltd., a supplier of rare earths
Environmental due diligence was prepared based on a risk register assessing exposure to statutory national and international legislation. Treatments were provided improving governance, protecting investors and reducing potential environmental liabilities.

Agency Hong Kong Institute of Chartered Secretaries
Contract Deliver a workshop on materiality
Reaching 48 Corporate Secretaries in Hong Kong, the workshop focused on identifying and prioritizing a company’s materiality in terms of GRI G4. A risk-based approach was followed enhancing environmental, social and governance risks. The spirit and methodologies used support the Hong Kong Exchange’s ESG Reporting Guidelines.

Past Performance

Agency UITP
Contract Author of the UITP Climate Declaration
The UITP (International Association of Public Transport) was requested by the Secretary General of the United Nations to prepare a sector-wide declaration on the benefits and initiatives the public transport providers world-wide would implement to support the UNFCCC’s initiative in mitigating and adapting to impacts of climate change. The declaration built on the UITP’s Sustainable Development Charter, also championed by Dr Frommer.

Agency Business Environment Council (BEC), HK
Contract Review BEC Handbook on Materiality, Environmental. Social and Governance Reporting
The Handbook provides guidance to all listed Hong Kong companies in their reporting of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) achievements, following the Best Practice Recommendation provided by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx).

Agency ESG Matters Ltd
Contract Hong Kong’s first sustainability report
This report is being developed as a private initiative for the use by Hong Kong Government. The GRI G4 report is based on the risk management / stakeholder engagement methodology development at the MTRC in Hong Kong.

Delivering sustainability 2.0

Relentlessly pursuing the Art of the Possible

Suite 804, Winning House
10 – 16 Cochrane Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel.No. +852 9018 0644


Corporate Capabilities

  • Sustainability Policy and Reporting
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Carbon Footprinting
  • Performance Measurement
  • Environmental Due Diligence for Merges and Acquisitions
  • Project Management

  • International Cross Industrial and Cross Sector Experience
  • Noise and Vibration
  • PhD, Fellowships, Honorary Chair and author

Dr. Glenn Frommer, Managing Partner


  • Environmental and Sustainability
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • International Cross Industrial and Cross Sector Experience
  • Noise and Vibration
  • PhD, Fellowships and Honorary Chair

Glenn is a leading pioneer of corporate sustainability and environmental stewardship. His application of corporate risk management has set the gold standard and his expertise is tapped when developing international standards for ESG performance.

Glenn has more than 30 years of field and senior management experience in developing appropriate ESG structures within organisations. He is currently the Managing Partner for ESG Matters, based in Hong Kong. Prior to this, Glenn held senior executive positions with the Mass Transit Railway Corporation, Vipac Engineers and Scientists and Dampa A/S. His extensive cross-sector and cross-industrial experience extends throughout the international arena, specifically in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Having resided and worked in Hong Kong, Australia, Denmark and the United States, he brings a depth of knowledge and understanding of the different cultures, customs and governance issues.

Glenn holds a PhD in Aerospace Sciences, is a Fellow of the International Institute of Acoustics and Vibration, the Honorary Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission of the International Association of Public Transport, a member of several international and local professional bodies and a Fulbright Fellow.

Dr Frommer is the Managing Partner of ESG Matters Ltd in Hong Kong. ESG Matters provides expert advice and consultancy on strategic environmental, social and governance issues.

Glenn was the Head of Corporate Sustainability for the MTR Corporation where he worked from 1992 - 2013. In that time he pioneered and implemented the organisational policies, strategies and programmes for environment, sustainability and CSR. In addition to publication of the annual sustainability report since 2002, he was responsible for implementing environmental and sustainability management systems and initiatives at the company (ISO 14000, GRI and AA1000) and undertaking and implementing all railway Environmental Impact Assessments. His innovations to Enterprise Risk Management and stakeholder engagement, once cutting edge, are now international best practice. He is considered by many as the father of sustainability in Hong Kong.

As head of sustainability, he had been responsible for:

  • Designing, implementing and developing the corporate sustainability and environmental policy, strategy and related management systems across all corporate divisions and franchise operations.
  • Representing corporate sustainability, corporate social responsibility and environmental interests at the highest levels of Hong Kong Government and international forums.
  • Providing Due Diligence for MTR’s IPO and merger with the KCRC.
  • Managing the sustainability and environmental aspects of the design, construction and operations of the Corporation’s projects and related properties including preparation of scope of services, tender documents, leading tender assessments and project management of consultants and contractors after award.
  • Participation in more than 100 Tender Assessments for Civil and E&M contracts.
  • Developing and maintaining a proactive relationship with international bodies: UN, UITP, EU, GRI, DJSI, FTSE4Good, etc.

Noted achievements during his tenure include:

  • Publication of the MTR Corporation’s internationally recognised sustainability reports, publishing the PRC’s first corporate sustainability report and championing sustainability through the corporation’s IPO and subsequent merger.
  • Leading a team of 50+ sustainability, environmental, and CSR specialists through directed work planning.
  • Leading MTRC’s non-financial reporting as the only Hong Kong company listed on both the DJSI and FTSE4Good indices.
  • Obtaining MTRC’s ISO 14001 Certification for MTR Operations and Projects Divisions.
  • • Planning, managing and executing 28 Environmental Impact Assessments for major rail projects including a number of Hazard of Operations and Qualitative Risk Assessments. Total railway projects involved was more than US$10 billion.
  • Participated in drafting and advising HKSAR Government policies and legislation on environmental, sustainability, corporate social responsibility and carbon reduction issues.
  • Advising the HKEx on their ESG Reporting Guidelines.

In his professional capacity, Dr Frommer has participated in several international sustainability initiatives including:

  • Advising the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index on best practice in sustainability reporting
  • Member of the Technical Review Committee for AA1000
  • Member of the GRI Working Group on Content and Materiality (GRI G3), the GRI Working Group on Disclosure of Management Aspects and assisted in drafting the newly released GRI G4 Guideline
  • Honorary Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission of the International Association of Transport Providers (UITP) and the author of its Charter on Sustainable Development with 135 signatories in 45 countries. In addition he authored the current UITP Climate Declaration for the upcoming UN Climate Summit in preparation for COP 21 in Paris, 2015.

Prior to his work at the MTR Corporation, he was the Senior Supervising Engineer at Vipac Engineers and Scientists in Australia from 1991-1992. In addition to supervising a team of six engineers, he perfected and marketed a new development tool for better design of mining vehicles, railway cars and passenger cars. From 1981 to 1991 he was manager of research and development at Dampa A/S Denmark. At Dampa he pioneered, invented and marketed a new type of environmentally friendly sound absorbent, the products of which are now accepted as an international standard. He was awarded the Danish State Working Environment Award in 1984.

He is currently Honorary Chair of the Sustainable Development Commission for the International Association of Public Transport in Brussels, Past Chair for the Advisory Committee at the School of Energy and Environment at City University Hong Kong, Past Chair of the Hong Kong General Chamber Environmental and Sustainability Committee and is a member and fellow of several international and Hong Kong professional associations. Dr Frommer has a PhD from Stanford University in Aerospace Sciences, was a Fulbright Fellow in Denmark in 1977 and has published more than 75 academic papers and conference papers, and several book chapters. He is the co-author of Conservation of Stonewall Trees.


  • Policy into Strategy into implementable tactics
  • Reporting
  • ESG expert guidance
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Independent Report Review


  • Management Systems
  • EIAs development and implementation
  • Independent Environmental Checker
  • Climate Change mitigation and adaptation strategies
  • Drafting and review of Ordinances

Performance Focused

  • Develop performance measurements
  • Set standards and manage performance
  • Optimize resource usage
  • Set and tack carbon footprint for infrastructure


  • North America
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Australia
  • Hong Kong and China

Dr. Glenn Frommer

Sustainability and Environmental Expert

Tel: +852 9018 0644


  • Transportation, Construction
  • Civil and Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • R&D
  • Education
  • Standards
  • Contract preparation, management and implementation

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Environmental merger Due Diligence
  • Board advice and education
  • Environmental Risk Profile


  • Advisor
  • Strategist
  • Engineer
  • Expert witness
  • Auditor


  • PhD Aerospace Sciences
  • MS and BS in Aerospace Engineering
  • Fulbright Fellow
  • Auditor ISO 14001